19th Amendment

Women gained the right to vote with the 19th amendment in August 1920.

Women's Suffrage Slide Show

Learn about the history of the women's suffrage movement in this slide show created by LWV-CC member Holly Nichols.

Readers Theater Performance

View a readers theater performance about the history of women's suffrage that was written by LWV-CC member Patty Jantho. This was performed online by McKinney Youth Onstage and directed by Doug Valentine.


50-year LWV Members


Donna Bening

Donna joined LWV in 1967 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she served on the Board of Directors. She moved to Collin County in 1990 and held many leadership roles in LWV-CC, including VP Program and VP Voters Services. Donna was the president from 1995-1998 and co-president from 2005-2007. The reason that she joined LWV and has been a member for so long is that she believes in issue education, voter services, and public policy advocacy. “Generations must be grateful to those powerless but brave who persisted in persuading the powerful to be more inclusive with voting rights. We must continue to be alert to recognize what is a benefit or a burden in public policy and speak up for justice and safety. Votes are our voice in a representative democracy.”


Meg Titus

Meg joined LWV in 1955 in Waterloo, Iowa. She was passionate about environmental issues and lobbied the state legislature about the pollution of the Cedar River. When she moved to Texas in 1971, Meg joined the LWV-Dallas Board of Directors. She served as the Environmental Chair and the LWVTX Air and Water Chair. After moving to Plano, she put an ad in the Plano Star Courier about starting a local league, and ~50 people responded. LWV-Plano was officially formed in 1976, and the name was changed in 2013 to LWV-Collin County. Meg was president from 1980-1984, and she remains active in LWV today. “I have really enjoyed my many years in the League at all levels and want to thank the group and our League for the opportunity to be active in such important political and environmental activities for so many years.”