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The Democratic and Republican parties will hold primary elections on March 3.
Other parties select their nominees using different processes.
Find the Collin County party webpage links.
US Representative
District 3

D - Tanner Do, Sean McCaffity, Lulu Seikaly

I  -  Roger Barone, Jeff Simmons

L -  Christopher J. Claytor

R - Van Taylor

District 4

D - Russell Foster

I   - Cody Wommack

L  - Lou Antonelli

R - John Ratcliffe

TX Representative
District 33

D - Andy Rose

R - Justin Holland

District 66

D - Sharon Hirsch, Aimee Garza Lopez

G - Forrest John Hampton

L - Shawn Jones

R - Matt Shaheen

District 67

D - Tom Adair, Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez, Anthony Lo, Lorenzo Sanchez

R - Jeff Leach

District 70

D - Angie Bado

R - Scott Sanford

District 89

D - Sugar Ray Ash, Jon Cocks

L  - Ed Kless

R - Candy Noble

Collin County
Commissioner - Precinct 1

D - Courtney Brooks, Carol Scarborough

R - Susan Fletcher

Commissioner - Precinct 3

D - Dianne C. Mayo

R - Darrell Hale, Steve Terrell


R - Jim Skinner

Tax Assessor and Collector

D - John Turner McClelland

R - Scott Grigg, Kenneth L. Maun

Constable - Precinct 1

R - Mike Vance, Shane Williams

Constable - Precinct 2

R - Gary Edwards

Constable - Precinct 3

R - Sammy Knapp

Constable - Precinct 4

R - Joe Wright

State District Court Judge - 199th

R - Angela Tucker

State District Court Judge - 366th

D - Sam Johnson

R - Tom Nowak

State District Court Judge - 380th

D - Penny Robe

R - Ben Smith, Melvin Thathiah

State District Court Judge - 401st

D - Tonya Holt

R - George Flint, Sarah Fox, Brook Fulks

State District Court Judge - 416th

D - Theresa Bui Creevy

R - Andrea Thompson

State District Court Judge - 468th

D - Christy Albano

R - Lindsey Wynne

State District Court Judge - 469th

D - Dana Huffman

R - Piper McCraw

State District Court Judge - 470th

R - Emily Miskel

State District Court Judge - 471st

D - Michael D. Payma

R - Andrea Bouressa

County Chair

D - Manu Lail, Mike Rawlins

R - Mark Reid

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