Economic Growth in Collin County

1981, rev 1997, rev 2019

The League of Women Voters of Collin County (LWV-CC) believes that all towns and cities in the county should promote controlled, strategic, and forward-thinking economic growth in order to expand the tax base so that the quality of life can be maintained and possibly enhanced at a reasonable cost to taxpayers and businesses. Towns and cities in the county should actively work to encourage expansion of the tax base in order that businesses, industries, and residents share municipal fiscal responsibilities and encourage responsible and diverse growth and development.
The LWV-CC advocates that planning should take into consideration:

  • recruitment and retention of businesses that offer quality job opportunities to residents at all levels of employment at livable wages

  • environmental impacts of businesses, including transportation, water quality, air quality, and open space

  • diversification of the types of industries in order to be prepared for possible economic upset

  • encouragement of businesses to grow through investment in organizational culture, talent development, and redevelopment as business requirements for employees change 

  • residential planning that facilitates integrated neighborhoods with a diversity of incomes, cultures, and races

  • establish methods to incorporate public input in economic growth decisions