Health Care

1986, rev 1995, 2001, 2005, 2012

The League of Women Voters of Plano/CC believes that a basic level of quality health care at an affordable cost should be available to all Collin County residents. There should be public input in the process of defining and providing public health services, which should include those recommended by the State of Texas for Public Health Regions 2 and 3. We recommend that the Collin County Commissioners Court create and maintain a countywide information system that provides at a minimum:


  • Clear definitions of eligibility requirements for obtaining public health care services, which are easily understood, obtainable, and kept up-to-date

  • Coordination of sufficient services to meet the demographic (age, race, gender, socioeconomic level) and geographic (urban, suburban, rural) needs of Collin County residents

  • Information regarding availability of public health services, including types of service, location, days and time of service-delivery, and required paperwork necessary to obtain service.


In addition we believe that persons or families meeting the income definitions of Indigent or Medicaid should have access to


  • Laboratory and x-ray services

  • Emergency outpatient and inpatient hospital services

  • Mental health care services

  • Skilled nursing facility services

  • Care provided by physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners


The League of Woman Voters of Plano/CC continues to support the educational and advocacy work being undertaken by other organizations including the Healthcare Committee of Collin County (HCCC), Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI) and the Homeless Coalition. LWV will be counted as a supporter/advocate of efforts as long as those efforts are contained within an acceptable parameter of LWV Plano/CC objectives.