Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs


President - Charlotte McKenzie

VP Program - Stephanie Mace

VP Voters Service - Janice Schieffer

Treasurer - Ruth McGuffey

Secretary - Alison Dishman


Mary Alice Garza

Sharon Goldgar

Janet Imhoff

Jeanette Kelley

Elisabeth MacNamara

Holly Nichols

Diane Pizarro

Andrea Roa

Ian Seamans

Rekha Shenoy

Jocelyn Tiner

Committee Chairs

Advocacy Chair - Janet Imhoff

Communications Chair - Ian Seamans

Guide to Elected Officials Chair - Janice Schieffer

Luncheon Chair - Jeanette Kelley

Membership Chair - Sharon Goldgar

New Citizen Voter Registration Chair - Ruth McGuffey

Observer Corp Co-Chairs - Diane Pizarro and Ian Seamans

Nominating Chair - Eloise Richardson

Speakers Bureau Chair - Janice Schieffer

Voter Registration Chair - Connie Prill

Voter Registration Co-Chair - Judy Kistler-Robinson

Webmaster - Ruth McGuffey