Parks and Open Space in Collin County

1977, rev 1987, 1997, 2001, 2005

The LWV of P/CC supports a strong program for the acquisition of open space in Collin County and its towns and cities to assure that adequate land will be set aside for the purposes of recreation, conservation and preservation. We advocate:


A program of land acquisition at a time when population for the City of Plano is projected to be 254,450 by 2010 and population of the county is projected at minimum to be 438,000 by 2010.


The importance of conservation, natural recreation areas and the economic feasibility of leaving land undeveloped, as opposed to the cost of providing municipal services for developed land.


The use of state and federal aid, as well as the encouragement of private donations, land trusts and other gifts. In addition, other methods such as zoning regulation, tax abatements, easements, etc., should be employed to accomplishment this objective.