2015-2016 Program

Study, Consensus, and Program Planning

LWV-CC participated in all state and national study/consensus programs as follows:

   . Consensus meeting for LWVUS Constitutional Amendment study
   . Public forum and consensus meeting for LWV-TX Payday and Auto Title Loans study
   . Consensus meeting for LWVUS Money in Politics study

LWV-CC also participated in state, national, and local program planning as follows:

   . Submitted recommendation for state study on Interaction Education as It Relates to Violence/Crime
   . Submitted national program planning report supporting various proposals
   . Recommended local program studies, action, and review as detailed in the Recommended Changes to Local Program for 2016-2017


Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Action Program

At the May 2014 annual meeting, LWV-CC members adopted an action program to work with other community organizations to increase voter turnout in elections in Collin County. The GOTV Committee developed materials and an action plan. GOTV action was continued in 2015-2016 with the following activities:

   . National Voter Registration Day events in downtown Plano and McKinney and at Highland Springs
   . Making Democracy Work presentations to various organizations
   . Facebook posts about the proposed Texas Constitutional Amendments prior to the November 2015 election
   . Distribution of GOTV yard signs, pins, and voter information to members and other organizations


Know Your Government Action Program (Observer Corp)

At the May 2015 annual meeting, LWV-CC members adopted an action program to encourage all members to learn about how local government works. This was implemented as part of the Observer Corps by providing a list of local government bodies, including when and where they meet, and encouraging individual members or teams to observe at least one such meeting. Brief reports of meetings were highlighted in VOTER emails. A dozen members attended meetings during the year, many more than one meeting.