2017-2018 Program

Study:  Security of Electronic Voting Systems in Collin County


At the May 2017 annual meeting, delegates approved a continuation of the 2016-2017 study of Security of Voting in Collin County with a refined focus on electronic voting systems, rather than voting in general, in order to facilitate developing a position to be used when Collin County evaluates which new electronic systems to purchase.


In August, study committee members met with Bruce Sherbet, Collin County Elections Administrator, and followed up on topics including the use of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines, audit trails, and the schedule for purchase of new voting machines. The committee developed consensus questions and wrote a Facts & Issues. The consensus questions were approved at the January board meeting. The questions and Facts & Issues were distributed to all members, and a consensus meeting was held March 1. A position based on the consensus report was approved by the LWV-CC board March 26. The position was adopted by members at the May 12 annual meeting.



  Facts & Issues

  Consensus Questions



Study/Action: Curbside Voting for Individuals with Disabilities in Collin County


The committee began with the intention of doing a study, but early in the process came to the conclusion that, although Election Code language is somewhat soft on designating parking spaces for curbside voting, law and regulations did exist. Therefore, the committee determined that what was needed was education of the public and monitoring of compliance with existing regulations.  Flyers about curbside voting were printed and distributed to senior living facilities, libraries, and other locations.