Speakers Bureau

Electoral College

45 minutes

This presentation explains the purpose and flaws of the Electoral College, as well as alternative options.  Learn about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and bust some myths.


45 minutes

Learn how legislative districts are drawn in Texas and how your vote could be impacted. Compare this with other methods and find out what action you can take.

Making Democracy Work

30 minutes

LWV-CC speaker presents information about the importance of being a voter, voter turnout, Texas election cycle, what's on the ballot, and how to get information about candidates and elections.

We Hold These Truths

35 minutes

Introduction video

Present a readers theater production tracing the suffrage movement from 1848-1920 portraying prominent women leaders of the fight to gain the right to vote for women and how they contributed to the cause. LWV-CC members can present the play or help adult/student groups to produce play using their own actors.