Making Democracy Work

Speakers Bureau

The LWV-CC Speakers Bureau provides free educational programs to the community.


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We Hold These Truths

35 minutes
Introduction video

Present a readers theater production tracing the suffrage movement from 1848-1920 portraying prominent women leaders of the fight to gain the right to vote for women and how they contributed to the cause. LWV-CC members can present the play or help adult/student groups to produce play using their own actors.

Making Democracy Work

30 minutes

LWV-CC speaker presents information about the importance of being a voter, voter turnout, Texas election cycle, what's on the ballot, and how to get information about candidates and elections.

Mock Election

60-90 minutes

LWV-CC members conduct an interactive mock election for youth groups to demonstrate the importance of voting and how to be an informed voter. Participants go through hands-on exercises to register to vote, ask questions of candidates at a forum, and vote for the candidate of their choice. Several adult leaders are asked to "run" as candidates.